Friday, 28 October 2011

Blue Commission

Created for Carys and Gary to celebrate their engagement last year, using the lyrics from a Super Furry Animals track and simplicity of the collage and the strong colour forget-me-not blue. I truly enjoyed working on this commission and wishing Carys and Gary all the best for their happy and joyful life ahead of them.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Time to reflect.....

I took my exhibition down this morning with the help of my father-in-law Gareth Griffith, who also is a outstanding visual artist based here in North Wales. Walking into the space again I realised how far my practice has gone and developed over the past 5 years, it's had its highs and lows but for an artist who doesn't work on her practice 24/7 ( I truly wish I could) I feel accomplished. But I still need to grow and experiment and keep pushing myself however that is a tad difficult when you have no space to work!!

I have been back in North Wales for a month now living between my parents and the in-laws, as much as Efa is thoroughly enjoying herself I am feeling slightly lost. I am desperately in need of a small space to call my own! Tent in the garden it is then!

What's next? well I am now a member of bocs a group for experimental, contemporary visual artist and musicians based in the local area. It's very exciting times for them but as a newbie I hope I can be helpful and useful to them in their new project. Watch this space!

I have started to work as well again on Cary's commission, feeling very positive about the piece just need the space! After hours working on the kitchen table it is then!

I have a couple of things to apply for locally and I'm also working freelance as a gallery assistant for Oriel Mostyn an excellent contemporary gallery in Llandudno. David Nash on display next month so I am very looking forward for the private view!

I have also realised I have not bloged about my etsy shop I co-produce and run with my husband Morgan, who is also a visual artist. I will blog it soon.

Here's to a eventful end of Summer and beginning of Autumn.

Keep it real, keep it arty

Thursday, 21 July 2011

'Serch' my first solo exhibition.

My first solo exhibition will be opening next week in my home town of Bangor, Gwynedd. I'm not sure how I feel about it, these past months have been so hectic, I hope it inspires people to get involved with the North Wales contemporary art scene. Time are indeed a changing but it's a slow process here. If we want the creative, artistic youth to stay in the area, then the area needs to provide projects, galleries, centres to make the contemporary new generation of artists want to stay.

Keep it real, keep it arty

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

MEMORY B(L)ANKS Exhibition

During the month of June I was part of a group exhibition in the North West of England at Axis Art Centre, Crewe. The project manager and curater was an artist called Emma Thackham all together there was 26 artists reflecting on the impact of memory within contemporary issues of identity. Cultural, political and relational responses manifest through film, installation, sculpture, live art and sound. I created a new series of work called ''Cadw mi gei' within this I displayed two pieces of sculpture/wall installation, tiltled 'Nos da ffetws' and 'there is a thin line between love & hate'.

Friday, 15 July 2011

As one chapter of my life closes another opens....

Apologies once again for not keeping up to date with my blogs. Sorry. It is now the middle of July, two exhibitions done, Efa's first birthday gone by as quickly as you can say pwwwsssy cat, left the big smoke behind and ventured back to the homeland for a pit stop and I am now a wife. So the last 2 1/2 months have been rather hectic to say the least.
However big things still to come, apart from getting our wedding photos back from the lovely Lisa (Lisa Jane Photography) I have my first little solo show at the end of the month in my hometown of Bangor, North Wales. Trying to sort myself out for it, as we only arrived back in Bangor two days ago and our belongings are stored in three various locations!! oh dear! and brain has frazzled from remembering where everything got packed!
Also hoping on the next post to upload some of the sculpture I created in May for the MemoryBLANKS exhibition in Axis Art Centre Crewe but my old laptop is starting to play up. Something I really don't need right now with trying to apply for art jobs and opportunities. Ce la vie, life goes on and upwards and onwards. Here is the next chapter in my life, let's hope it's a good one.
Keep it real, keep it arty

Monday, 2 May 2011

April Fools into Bank Holiday May

Time just seems to be flying past, while I seem to be creating more deadlines for myself! Same old story not enough hours in a day....

Right where do I start, the post below shows a piece of work I created for a Studio/Gallery space in Cardiff called studiob. It was an opportunity for me to be productive and also to exhibit to a different audience, I was even exposed on their website as well. From the photos it looked like a great weekend, they had open studios and a postcard exhibition open to all artists (where my little postcard was on display).

Since then I have been multi-tasking on various projects, created another piece of work for a charity auction in my home-town, started sketches for the commission and finally started to pencil work the composition on the piece. Today I started working on my sculpture for a exhibition in June and I have two exhibitions in July, one in London and the other my first solo exhibition will be in my home-town. (Further info on the exhibitions to follow in the future) So I'm keeping myself busy and trying to keep to deadlines as much as I can (still trying to balance being an artist, mother and having a part-time job)

Also with fingers and toes crossed Morgan and I should have our etsy shop up and running very soon. We will be selling art originals and prints, stationary and accessories. Will post more details as it gets closer to the official opening.

Keep it real, keep it arty

Thursday, 10 March 2011

To productivity & beyond!!

Above is a new piece of work I created for a student artist named Sophia Moseley in her last year at Goldsmith's. We exhibited together in January at Showcase London and she later e-mailed me asking me whether I would participate in her mail art project. She sends you a blank stamped postcard, you cover it with your art and just post it back! It would be interesting to see what she receives in the end!

Plus I am doodling and researching and scribbling ideas down in my little sketchbook at the moment. I have been asked to create a commission, so I am a busy bee! Will keep you posted with my ideas and development over the next months. But very exciting times!!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

I missed Feb!!

I have been busy bee with applying for exhibs and comps, so keep your fingers crossed for me! I have also been given my first commission with the work I nicked name funnywomen. It was great to be approached to take on this project, I have allready started doodling ideas which I may use for other pieces and I'm also exciting to create 2D work again. Allthough my aim is now to start working on creating sculpture/3D work I think I will be moving it into April, I have a lot of things buzzing around my skull at the moment and frankly I am glad that 2011 has made me get up and go.

Here are some pics of label work I have just recently finished, no titles just yet! Let me know what you think?

Keep it arty, keep it real

Friday, 28 January 2011

Showcase London

The idea sounded great but the actual event wasn't quite my cup of tea, feeling completely out of my comfort zone I stood next to my panels (after a lot of persuading from friends and bf). It was more like hovered around the area than standing next to it like a lost lamp post!! However it did feel good seeing my work together mixing different pieces next to each other from my 2D khadi papers to colourfully painted sieves to my labels. It was also great to see the other artists on display, to view such a collectic bunch of creatives all bearing their arty souls. All though I seemed to be the only one suffering from networking stage fright!!! I'm glad I did it and Showcase London (the organisers) seem to have everything in control through out the event, so thanks guys. I would recommend it, even if you only do it once, the venue RichMix is art/culture centre and was a great space and has some really interesting events going on. Check it out.

So here are some pics of my work from the event:

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!!!

Happy New Year!! My first blog of 2011 and I promise to try a bit harder this year, lets see if I can at least write a blog every month!!

So far on the art front I have been messing, editing and pondering over my 'depression' piece, no longer as large as originally planned but even now as I write this I'm still not happy with it. Perhaps I should look at the labels individually as a series and not assembled in a group. After all, depression does isolate you. Will carry on pondering!!

The last blog below, is a piece of work I created just before Christmas. I was desperate to use some vibrant colours and layering, it felt good to be creating a more positive piece on that invisible strength and love we have between friends. It is a present for my good old friend but I'm not quite finished with it yet. I'm hoping to carry on working in this playful way with colour and text and layers. I've just bought more labels in assorted sizes and I'm getting enthusiastic again at getting creative I just need the time!! Where does the time go??!!

I have also been looking for exhibitions to apply for and competitions to try, busy busy! I have these crazy spurts every now and then and I kick myself in my backside to get on with it. There's a dead line in a week and a half on the subject 'local' and another Eisteddfod entry in Feb, plus I'm meaning to send proposals to small Welsh galleries and some London drinking haunts and independent galleries. To be honest I've been thinking for a long time now on my career, going back to the old job at the end of the month, maternity leave has come to an end. Wish I was going back to a job I really enjoyed though!!! Catch 22!!

I do believe I have rambled on quite enough, lets hope the next time I blog I will have a new piece of work to show and you never know a exhib!! One can only wish......

Keep it real, keep it arty