Friday, 28 January 2011

Showcase London

The idea sounded great but the actual event wasn't quite my cup of tea, feeling completely out of my comfort zone I stood next to my panels (after a lot of persuading from friends and bf). It was more like hovered around the area than standing next to it like a lost lamp post!! However it did feel good seeing my work together mixing different pieces next to each other from my 2D khadi papers to colourfully painted sieves to my labels. It was also great to see the other artists on display, to view such a collectic bunch of creatives all bearing their arty souls. All though I seemed to be the only one suffering from networking stage fright!!! I'm glad I did it and Showcase London (the organisers) seem to have everything in control through out the event, so thanks guys. I would recommend it, even if you only do it once, the venue RichMix is art/culture centre and was a great space and has some really interesting events going on. Check it out.

So here are some pics of my work from the event:

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!!!

Happy New Year!! My first blog of 2011 and I promise to try a bit harder this year, lets see if I can at least write a blog every month!!

So far on the art front I have been messing, editing and pondering over my 'depression' piece, no longer as large as originally planned but even now as I write this I'm still not happy with it. Perhaps I should look at the labels individually as a series and not assembled in a group. After all, depression does isolate you. Will carry on pondering!!

The last blog below, is a piece of work I created just before Christmas. I was desperate to use some vibrant colours and layering, it felt good to be creating a more positive piece on that invisible strength and love we have between friends. It is a present for my good old friend but I'm not quite finished with it yet. I'm hoping to carry on working in this playful way with colour and text and layers. I've just bought more labels in assorted sizes and I'm getting enthusiastic again at getting creative I just need the time!! Where does the time go??!!

I have also been looking for exhibitions to apply for and competitions to try, busy busy! I have these crazy spurts every now and then and I kick myself in my backside to get on with it. There's a dead line in a week and a half on the subject 'local' and another Eisteddfod entry in Feb, plus I'm meaning to send proposals to small Welsh galleries and some London drinking haunts and independent galleries. To be honest I've been thinking for a long time now on my career, going back to the old job at the end of the month, maternity leave has come to an end. Wish I was going back to a job I really enjoyed though!!! Catch 22!!

I do believe I have rambled on quite enough, lets hope the next time I blog I will have a new piece of work to show and you never know a exhib!! One can only wish......

Keep it real, keep it arty