Friday, 28 January 2011

Showcase London

The idea sounded great but the actual event wasn't quite my cup of tea, feeling completely out of my comfort zone I stood next to my panels (after a lot of persuading from friends and bf). It was more like hovered around the area than standing next to it like a lost lamp post!! However it did feel good seeing my work together mixing different pieces next to each other from my 2D khadi papers to colourfully painted sieves to my labels. It was also great to see the other artists on display, to view such a collectic bunch of creatives all bearing their arty souls. All though I seemed to be the only one suffering from networking stage fright!!! I'm glad I did it and Showcase London (the organisers) seem to have everything in control through out the event, so thanks guys. I would recommend it, even if you only do it once, the venue RichMix is art/culture centre and was a great space and has some really interesting events going on. Check it out.

So here are some pics of my work from the event:

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