Thursday, 31 December 2009

It's been far too long, 4 months to exact!!

I haven't written my blog in such a long time, I do have a very good reason aswell! I'm having a baby, a little girl, her due date is May the 6th 2010. Therefore everything kinda went on hold, the realisation of responsability overwhelmed me and I had to sort my life out!

But here we are, the last day of the year and I finally feel like life is slowly going back to normal, allthough I don't quite know what normal is but I feel that the old arty determined fighting Becky is back. Plus I have so much work to do, I have a deadline on the 25th of January, which gives me just over 3 weeks to finish the piece of work I'm creating for a group exhibition in early Febuary 2010. I will post more details and my progress in the next couple of weeks. But it feels good to be driving and pushing myself again in my creativity.

I no longer work in my bedroom, I have a small studio space in the lounge of my flat which I still need to adjust to!! But just happy to have the space to work. The idea of having a independent studio now doesn't seem very realistic but in the future who knows!

Will blog soon with images of work I have been experimenting with and creating over the past 4 months but to be honest there isn't much!! Hopefully 2010 will give me a spurt of creativity and opportunities.

Kepp it real, keep it arty

Monday, 24 August 2009

Embracing the new.........


It's just gone one in the morning and I can't sleep!! My head keeps whirling around with thoughts and ideas!! On the art front all is quite ;-( no exhibs coming up unfortunatly but I will keep trying and plodding along as always. Created some new work while I was away in Bala at the beginning of the month, it started as a automatic drawing outside in the Welsh landscape (while I waited for my sister and co to wake up from their hangovers!! hehe!) I then finished it back in London but still attempting to keep the automatic mode and feelings I felt while I was in Wales. In the bottom left corner is some wool I found in the field while I was in Bala that I later added on.

I've also started my moving image project, for some time I've wanted to work in film again in a short animation. My aim at the moment is unclear n which path I will take or how it will develope however I am quite excited. Whatch this space!!! I've finally started work on my self-portrait or autobiography piece, it isn't a direct self-portrait but that is also something else I would like to develop in the future.....urgh!! too many ideas and not enough time!!

On the career show! (I am currently looking for a new job, allthough all my efforts are squandered at the moment....I am hopefull in the future someone will give me a chance!!) onwards & upwards as a good friend said lately.

Anyhow that's me for now, will keep you posted,
Keep it real, keep it arty


Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The National Eisteddfod of Wales, Meirion and District/Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru Meirion a'r Cyffuniau 2009

My work in the 'In a State of Flux' exhib

'Pilipalas mewn iti' A6 black ink on khadi paper.

In the background is Jessica Bean and Ying Cheung's photography work.

'A'r Dan' mixed media 3D object, 'Maglu' A5 mixed media on Khadi paper, 'Lucky Tuccia' mixed media 3D object.

'For the Unrequited' and Asana Lloyd soft sculpture 'Untitled'

'Thorn in my Side' mixed media on square canvas.

Jumble Sale nick name for the Salon style hang, mixture of peoples work here (Arun Patel, Nova Warr, Lynn Bennett, Dan MacDougall, Melody Renouf) 'Thorn in my Side' mixed media on square canvas, 'Thorns' A6 mixed media on Khadi paper, 'Fall to Pieces' A4 black ink on Khadi paper.

'For the Unrequited' A1 mixed media on Khadi paper.

In a State of Flux Exhibition 2nd-23rd July

Hi to all,

Now life is back to normal, and how sad it is to be so. I had a amazing time planning and organising the show (not to sound too gooey and sickly sweet but) I had such a great laugh and emotional roller coaster putting it all on. Some fantastic pieces of artwork and truly intriguing work was on display. I think my favourite moments were when the work started to come into the gallery, when we finally got started with the curating and the last bit of artwork was hung! Plus singing motown tunes while scrubing the floor, eating tasty pizzas from the kewl pub down the road 'Indo' and shouting "oi, oi, oi, OI!!" to get everyones attention for my ickle opening speech!! Was very scary, atleast over hundred people came to the opening night!! Thank you so much for everyone that helped, participated and supported us......muchas gracias x

Thursday, 11 June 2009

'In a State of Flux'

Hi to all,

I would personally like to invite you to our first group exhibition, a diverse exhibition of contrasting and thought-provoking art from emmerging and established artists.

During the month of July we will have our work on display in an exhibition in a new space called SOUP gallery on Whitechapel rd. It would be great if you could come down and join us on the 2nd of July for our preview night 6pm-8:30pm…..tea and cake will be served with a side dish of acoustic music by Paolo Fornasari. Plus after-party pub crawl to celebrate.

‘In a State of Flux’ will be featuring fine art, illustration, painting, photography and sculpture by:

Ricky Anderson, Simeon Banner, Jessica Bean, Lynn Bennett, Ian Brown, Ying Cheung, Robin Croucher, Peter Denman, Claire Ewin, Mike Hall, Rebecca F. Hardy, Shagun Kapoor, Miranda Kaula, Asana Lloyd, Dan MacDougall, Thomasin McAnulty, Neville Maguire, Hai Lam Man, R.Karl Marks, Arun Patel, Rodrigo Pires, Melody Renouf, Hannah Sapsford, Nova Warr and more …..

Nearest tube: Whitechapel (District/Hammersmith & City lines)

Find us downstairs inside the door between Prime Land Property and Khan’s Kebab House.

SOUP gallery, downstairs @ 124 Whitechapel road is open tues-fri 10am till 4pm and the exhibition runs from the 3rd till the 23rd of July.

If you would like further information please e-mail me (Rebecca) on

I hope you can make it,


Thursday, 28 May 2009

'Dre Mawr' 2009 Roundhouse 'Co-Motion' Exhibition



I am utterly useless so far with my bloggs (I humbly apolagise). It has been a crazy and fullfilling 4 weeks and a bit. I've had my artwork on display in a ickle exhibition 'Co-Motion' which coincided with the CIFD "London's Global Mixtape!" 'No Passport Necessary' festival, which fell over the first bank holiday of May. It was on display at Camden's Roundhouse for a week with other fellow arty people, the brief was to create work expressing a more personal experience, to explore concepts like global party, journeys, identity, culture clash, city transit and of course, London. I will add an image once I have a decent photo of it (bare with me!!) I created the work specifically for the show, plus I got into the festival for free (+ 4 mates) danced like a crazy woman to Zoe Appleseed and Size Nine, fun fun had by all ;-)

Just come back from Spain aswell, went to Barcelona and Madrid 3days in each city (though really I should had done 5 in each because there is so much to see and do) had an absaloute amazing time there with my fellow arty mate Mike. Lots of art, lots of walking, lots of beer, lots of dancing and lots of sunshine....scorchio! Check out Time Out's article on Barcelona, which is out now! and then go go go go!!

TAKE NOTE: I am organising a exhibition at the moment, a fusion of diverse and thought provoking art from up and coming artists, emerging and established. Therefore, whatch this space!! for I will be letting you know the goss and the info very soon. It's all very exciting and scary at the moment but I can't wait to get stuck in!!!!

well, I will keep you posted and I promise to use my blogg more frequently now,

Saturday, 2 May 2009


I would just like to take this opportunity to welcome you all into the intriguing world of Miss Hardy and in return a warm HELLO to you all as well. I will be using this blog to showcase my various projects and art practice, posting new work and any arty information to whet your appetite.

Keep it real, keep it arty