Monday, 2 May 2011

April Fools into Bank Holiday May

Time just seems to be flying past, while I seem to be creating more deadlines for myself! Same old story not enough hours in a day....

Right where do I start, the post below shows a piece of work I created for a Studio/Gallery space in Cardiff called studiob. It was an opportunity for me to be productive and also to exhibit to a different audience, I was even exposed on their website as well. From the photos it looked like a great weekend, they had open studios and a postcard exhibition open to all artists (where my little postcard was on display).

Since then I have been multi-tasking on various projects, created another piece of work for a charity auction in my home-town, started sketches for the commission and finally started to pencil work the composition on the piece. Today I started working on my sculpture for a exhibition in June and I have two exhibitions in July, one in London and the other my first solo exhibition will be in my home-town. (Further info on the exhibitions to follow in the future) So I'm keeping myself busy and trying to keep to deadlines as much as I can (still trying to balance being an artist, mother and having a part-time job)

Also with fingers and toes crossed Morgan and I should have our etsy shop up and running very soon. We will be selling art originals and prints, stationary and accessories. Will post more details as it gets closer to the official opening.

Keep it real, keep it arty