Monday, 15 August 2011

Time to reflect.....

I took my exhibition down this morning with the help of my father-in-law Gareth Griffith, who also is a outstanding visual artist based here in North Wales. Walking into the space again I realised how far my practice has gone and developed over the past 5 years, it's had its highs and lows but for an artist who doesn't work on her practice 24/7 ( I truly wish I could) I feel accomplished. But I still need to grow and experiment and keep pushing myself however that is a tad difficult when you have no space to work!!

I have been back in North Wales for a month now living between my parents and the in-laws, as much as Efa is thoroughly enjoying herself I am feeling slightly lost. I am desperately in need of a small space to call my own! Tent in the garden it is then!

What's next? well I am now a member of bocs a group for experimental, contemporary visual artist and musicians based in the local area. It's very exciting times for them but as a newbie I hope I can be helpful and useful to them in their new project. Watch this space!

I have started to work as well again on Cary's commission, feeling very positive about the piece just need the space! After hours working on the kitchen table it is then!

I have a couple of things to apply for locally and I'm also working freelance as a gallery assistant for Oriel Mostyn an excellent contemporary gallery in Llandudno. David Nash on display next month so I am very looking forward for the private view!

I have also realised I have not bloged about my etsy shop I co-produce and run with my husband Morgan, who is also a visual artist. I will blog it soon.

Here's to a eventful end of Summer and beginning of Autumn.

Keep it real, keep it arty

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