Monday, 22 November 2010

Here's to new beginnings!!

New flat, new art space and new work started. Finally out of the old flat that I loved into the new basement flat with just the three of us, two artists and a baby. There are conversations flying in the air about getting a cat, but it's still a handful looking after Efa and trying to get on with my art so I may ponder on that for a while longer. New art space is actually the corridor but where there is a wall and a desk, it magically changes into a art space for me.

Just before the move I started working on a new piece, using labels again as the canvas and the same mixed media, subconsciousness method of momentum and emotional topic. Roughly keeping the idea of hanging it (nailing each one individually on the wall) a meter by a meter, so around 65 labels in a big square shape. I'm hoping to crack on with it this week, the subject matter is depression in a factual and emotional response. I've added some detailed images of a few I've created.

It felt quite strange packing up the old art space, it made me analyse and ponder on how much work I've done over the year, the quality of it, the new materials I've used and also it makes you look back on your previous work and makes you question whether you should carry on developing it and question why haven't you!! All I know is I need to carry on making.........

Keep it real, keep it arty

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