Friday, 24 September 2010

Pencilled in for 2011

I wish I had another arm or maybe two more! One would be drawing and doodling ideas, another would be hammering nails into walls to install art, another would be creating stunningly scrumptious food for my tum and the last one would be moping up baby puke and poo!! Not very attractive the last one! Perhaps I should have a fifth arm with a glass of vino in it. Either way what I’m trying to say is I’m a balancing act, between being a visual artist, being myself, being a lover and a mother to a 4 month baby!!

Between the giggles and the tantrums my mind is ticking away with ideas and creations that finally I have the opportunity to produce. In April next year I’m showcasing a cross-section of my work and a couple of new pieces in a contemporary gallery in Caernarfon, North Wales. It’s a basement gallery and it may not be very large however the driven force it has for the young contemporary local emerging artists is outstanding. There isn’t very much support for them therefore it’s refreshing to see an art space going against the norm and showcasing challenging and enlightening art. I was recently there just last month, assisting with hanging and curate an exhibition of two brothers, Ioan and Morgan Griffith. Their exhibition ‘Looking at faces/ Edrych ar wynebau’ is still on at Oriel Dafydd Hardy (no relation to me!) till the 30th of September more info visit and to have a look at more of Morgan’s work go to

I’ve started to scribble ideas, developing and working on old ones and collect materials for a sculpture/installation I want to create for next year. Using previous subject matter for a series of works inspired by the painting created by the Italian renaissance artist Giovanni Battista Moroni (1520/4 – 1579). His painting ‘The Vestal Virgin Tuccia’ (about 1555) has influenced me to create new pieces of work in 3D form, working in a mix media approach contradicting the intention of the painting. Will be interesting to see how it pans out.

One more thing, if you fancy doing something different or visiting a new area of London within the next two weeks visit Deptford. Right now the Deptford X Art Festival is on till the 3rd of October, for more info go to I will be volunteering a couple of days with them and can’t wait to see the art on display.

Once again,

Keep it real and keep it arty


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  1. Sadly the artspace I am ment to be displaying with in April now no longer exists!!! However the people behind it are now looking for a new venue with studio space for young emerging local artists. But there is no sign of it occurring soon!! To say that I am disappointed is a understatement but my name is still on the list so hopefully in the next couple of years I will finally have my first solo show.

    Onwards & upwards