Tuesday, 4 August 2009

In a State of Flux Exhibition 2nd-23rd July

Hi to all,

Now life is back to normal, and how sad it is to be so. I had a amazing time planning and organising the show (not to sound too gooey and sickly sweet but) I had such a great laugh and emotional roller coaster putting it all on. Some fantastic pieces of artwork and truly intriguing work was on display. I think my favourite moments were when the work started to come into the gallery, when we finally got started with the curating and the last bit of artwork was hung! Plus singing motown tunes while scrubing the floor, eating tasty pizzas from the kewl pub down the road 'Indo' and shouting "oi, oi, oi, OI!!" to get everyones attention for my ickle opening speech!! Was very scary, atleast over hundred people came to the opening night!! Thank you so much for everyone that helped, participated and supported us......muchas gracias x

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