Monday, 24 August 2009

Embracing the new.........


It's just gone one in the morning and I can't sleep!! My head keeps whirling around with thoughts and ideas!! On the art front all is quite ;-( no exhibs coming up unfortunatly but I will keep trying and plodding along as always. Created some new work while I was away in Bala at the beginning of the month, it started as a automatic drawing outside in the Welsh landscape (while I waited for my sister and co to wake up from their hangovers!! hehe!) I then finished it back in London but still attempting to keep the automatic mode and feelings I felt while I was in Wales. In the bottom left corner is some wool I found in the field while I was in Bala that I later added on.

I've also started my moving image project, for some time I've wanted to work in film again in a short animation. My aim at the moment is unclear n which path I will take or how it will develope however I am quite excited. Whatch this space!!! I've finally started work on my self-portrait or autobiography piece, it isn't a direct self-portrait but that is also something else I would like to develop in the future.....urgh!! too many ideas and not enough time!!

On the career show! (I am currently looking for a new job, allthough all my efforts are squandered at the moment....I am hopefull in the future someone will give me a chance!!) onwards & upwards as a good friend said lately.

Anyhow that's me for now, will keep you posted,
Keep it real, keep it arty


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