Sunday, 9 August 2015

Bodlondeb - Creating new artwork for Haus of Helfa / LLAWN03

This afternoon I watched three of my short films that I created way back when of my Nain while studying in Howard Gardens, Cardiff some 10 and a bit years ago.
I haven't looked at them or exhibited them outside the realm of the campus, when I finally graduated I left the work on the shelf. It wasn't till 2012 some 6 years later I began to explore the photography I took during those years. The main reasons why as I had been invited to join an alternative photography group at the time and to exhibit with them. The group no longer exists but it was the catalyst to re-enter the work in it's photography format and once again artwork that had never been exhibited. It also enabled me to create new pieces of work which opened other doors.
It's been 5 years since my Nain passed away, I was 6 months pregnant. Looking into these short films I didn't think it would emotionally affect me but subconsciously my grief still lurks. Where as the photography I have become quite immune to, observing them as objects. Even the old carpets, lino and kitchen tiles I see as precious artifacts, to savoir and catalog. Where as hearing her talk and watching her body language and her eyes glint with humour has curiously provoked my emotions.
The reasons behind revisiting these works are due to my up and coming exhibition as part of Haus of Helfa for Helfa Gelf and LLAWN03 this September. Creating new artwork to be exhibited in a derelict building in Llandudno.
To see the progress so far have a look at my instagram page @_rfhardy
It still upsets me that she never got to meet Efa.

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