Sunday, 12 January 2014

Helfa Gelf 2013

Every September in North Wales many studios, galleries, basements, attics and garden sheds open their doors to the public! Showcasing and displaying the studio practice of a varied diverse range of applied art, craft and visual artists.

For me last September was a strange, embracing, joyful, scary, freeing, playful and taxing month, with my resignation from the active and demanding role of arts co-ordinator at Bocs I found my self unemployed (of permanent work as I was still running my small business DyfalDonc). For the first time which felt like a age I was able to be Rebecca F. Hardy the visual artists and not Rebecca Hardy-Griffith the organiser. I was able to solely concentrate and explore my own practice, play with materials, draw, mould, shape, place, glue, tare, stick, add, thread, and expand on ideas.

Here are some images from the studio space I created in Bocs for the month of Helfa Gelf in which I shared with Catrin Menai, Mererid Haf, Morgan Griffith (Sonomano), Cathryn Griffith, David Thomas and Sarah McEachran. For more info on Helfa Gelf click here, to view the Bocs page on the website click here.

I really do hope that Helfa Gelf receives funding this year, it would be a outrage and a huge shame for the North Wales art scene to loose such an event.

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