Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Last month of 2012

The last month of 2012 was a tad hectic to say the least! I was busy with my husband creating, promoting and selling our DyfalDonc goodies at various local Christmas craft markets across North Wales as well as cleaning, painting and preparing Bocs's new gallery space in Ty Glyndwr. 

The 6th of December marked a turning point for this small art group based in Caernarfon, the new Bocs space will hopefully become a hub for young creatives. There's lots of work to do and not alot of financial help for this not-for-profit organisation but the potential is great. I have been very lucky to actually get paid to do things that I enjoy, it may be time consuming and taking me away from my own practice but I do need to put food on the table too! So we opened the ground floor of Bocs with a Bocs members exhibition - #14 is a collective mix of processes, methods and mediums which is distinctive to each Bocs member. In their fusion of differences they collaborate in their dedication for contemporary and experimental arts in the North Wales art scene. From graphic illustrators to musicians to installation artists, Bocs members provide an innovative and thought-provoking showcase to a much anticipated exhibition. 

Bocs members are: Gemma Bourne, Nerbert Chicanza, Osian Efnisien, Cathryn Lowri Griffith, Morgan Griffith (Sonomano), Dion Hamer, Rebecca F. Hardy, Gethin Wavell Lloyd Jones, Rhys Lloyd Jones, Nader Kohbodi (Mr Kobo), Sarah McEachran, Sarah Louise Owen, Yvonne Tsang and Charles Yorke. 

To view some images from the exhibition follow this link to the Bocs facebook page

I will add some images of my work onto the blog soon, for now let me wish you a Happy New Year // Blwyddyn Newydd Dda


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