Monday, 27 August 2012

Works in progress from a days play......

The images from above are from a days play in a old Victorian farm Hendre Hall, it was great to re-enact ideas I'd had in my head and to have the space to experiment with them. The box piece I thoroughly enjoyed   creating, using found objects and casts I had created previously, all though not finished it open the door to other possibilities of working and exhibiting work. The sieve piece is I didn't get very far with as it needs three times more thread on it than seen in the above images, the green threads should be cascading down and over the metal sieve, like ooze from a wound. It's time consuming but I hope to carrying with it back in my studio at home (all though space is lacking) it wasn't as successful as I had desired but perhaps by simply changing the sieve and adding more thread might be all it needs. The last images are of bits of paper that I usually have on my wall in my studio as point of reference or inspiration by showcasing this in the style it would be taped, shoved on my wall it gives a incite for the viewer to the artists mind.

There are a couple of things coming up this Autumn but first is a Zine Fair at Oriel Wrecsam, so I will be busy the next couple of weeks preparing for it. In hoping to finally create books using my funnywomen work, it's been a long time coming.


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