Thursday, 12 April 2012

Studio in March

March flew by and looks like April is doing the same! There wasn't much action going on in the studio but I did create one new piece from the series Serch developing my ideas with collage, old anatomy images, and working on labels. To experiment with the display of the work and how to exhibit away from the traditional 2D framed format. I have also been busy with DyfalDonc my little makers project I co-run with Morgan (my husband) we contribute with two local markets every month plus we've signed up for a few over the summer as well. We've also taken a order on of wedding favours a little unusual for us but realised we provide a alternative favours using our vintage/retro badges as gifts for guest. Will have images of them on our DyfalDonc facebook page next week for you.

Back to the ART: I will be participating in a open studio day in June together with my husband Morgan Griffith Sonomano and my father in law Gareth Griffith. I believe other artists of Mynydd Llandygai will be opening their studio doors too so hopefully we will come together to market and stir up some creativity in this small mountain village. July will also be a busy month too but will keep that for later.

I have just realised I do have a few things to blog, I have seen some amazing artworks lately and inspiring makers on etsy. I just need the time to do so.

keep it arty

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