Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Harem 6 the creative mix of Flavia Marele & Ildiko Muresan

Harem 6 transported me into the world of strange bizare creatures, dogs with geometric woolly jumpers stare lovingly at each other. Mysterious clay art dolls, their fragile bodies adorned with subtle and thoughtful marks and specially designed clothes. Hearts encased in a geometric wire cages are drawn beautifully on paper. There is no wonder why with their welcoming faces, vibrant colours and delicate graphite drawings that I am transfixed with their work.

If you placed dogs, folklore, geometric shapes, clay, pencils, hearts, 80's colour palette, nature, more animals, a lot of talent and imagination put it all in a blender and flicked the switch! You'd get Harem 6. Their work is so distinctive and original, you cannot help yourself from smiling as you explore their work.

I came across Harem 6 through their shop DoubleFoxStudio on etsy. Their shop is filled with art dolls, wall hangings, brooches/pins, original drawings, prints and necklaces born from their collaborative creative minds since 2003. The have exhibited together worldwide and are based in Romania. If I could, I would buy one of each item from their stunning collection.


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