Sunday, 22 January 2012


I've promised to blog my side project which I co-run with my husband Morgan for nearly 6 months now, I hang my head low in shame! Once again I haven't written on the blog since October, so much has happened to me and to us. But it's January 2012, a new start so I begin with telling you about my making project. Since November we have been busy making mixed media collaged greeting cards, jewellery and badges to sell on our etsy shop named DyfalDonc.

Here is a little about us:

Dyfaldonc comes from the Welsh saying "dyfal donc a dyr y garreg", pronounced roughly "dove Al donk ah deer uh gah regg", direct translation means "a steady tapping breaks the stone".

DyfalDonc is a two team member gang, consisting of Morgan & Rebecca. Both are visual artists from North Wales but surprisingly met in the BIG smoke (London Town). Together they are Dad & Mam to their daughter Efa but to Etsy they’re co-runners of DyfalDonc their shop selling intriguing, unusal art, cards & jewellery.

"We love paper and glue, most of our images are from 50's, 60's, 70's books, old and/or discarded photographs of which we ensemble quirky collages or one off badge/pin sets. Our jewellery are made from wood, hand painted and collaged from photocopied anatomy and nature images. Hoping to create some one off pieces using original vintage/retro images in the future."

We have a facebook page too if you would like to join us, we run prize draws for goody bags everytime we reach a certain amount of fans. So join in.

Over the Christmas period we did 7 local fairs and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, it's a huge learning curve throwing yourself and the items you make out there for the public to scrutinise or love. It isn't like a gallery where you can hide from peoples comments. Also we have realised our products are very different to anything that is available around North Wales which I love but isn't commercial enough to put bread and butter on the table. It's hard to work around that line of creating pieces you enjoy and making money. But we're enjoying ourselves and I really enjoy the sense of community when we attend the markets. We start again next month in Caernarfon on the 4th Marchnad Neuadd y Farchnad and then the following Saturday in our home village of Bethesda in the local produce market. Fingers crossed it will go well.

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